Happenings at Brent B Tinnin Manor:

We have an awesome staff here at Brent B. Tinnin Manor.  This past 18 months of pandemic COVID-19 has been a test of patience and perseverance. In the beginning of the pandemic, staff were putting their lives on the line to care for our residents.  We were able to keep COVID-19 away longer than most homes and at a time where other nursing homes were suffering because their staff quit rather than work in a COVID-19 positive home, our staff stepped up, they worked overtime, and they kept coming back.  When we were bombarded with what seemed like daily changes to our jobs, our staff adapted and kept coming back.  Their caring and compassion is second to none.

We have an amazing group of professional nursing home staff here at Brent B. Tinnin Manor. Dietary Staff, Housekeeping Staff, Activities, Social Services, Administrative Staff, Therapy Staff and Nursing Staff--God Bless You.  You are Heroes.

I hope everyone will join me in recognizing the hard work and dedication our staff have at Brent B. Tinnin Manor.

Additional Information: 

We would like to let everyone know we now have Zoom Meeting which is a free app source when downloaded that will allow you to call a specific number; which we will supply,  when you set an agreed upon time with a member of our management team,  and you will be able to call the number and visit with a family member and be able to physically see them on the screen of your tablet or phone while visiting and they will be able to see and visit back and forth as well.   You may call 844-325-4145 and ask for Amy or Ciera to set up a time for Zoom Meeting .